A new wave of board games

2020年5月18日 / The Japan Times

英字新聞The Japan Timesさんがいえしょうぎ 陶についての記事を掲載してくださいました。おうちで楽しめるボードゲームの一例として紹介されています。

Dinner games

For those who find it hard to remember the moves of shogi pieces, Sukima’s Ie Shougi Tou set is a good place to start. Each of the plywood pieces are embossed with symbols instead of kanji to indicate how they can be used ? dots to show if a piece can move one space up, down, left, right or diagonally, and short lines to indicate that it can move more than one space.
This in itself makes the shogi set interesting, but Sukima has added another unusual element. The board is made of earthenware by Yusuke Wakasa, a ceramist based in Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, and it’s designed to also function as a plate for food. Wakasa stamps each board with little crosses to create a grid and glazes it with an indigo blue inspired by the Seto Inland Sea. A fun suggestion from Sukima is to use the board as a platter and arrange appetizers on it in an opening play.